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Originally from Austria we traveled a lot and lived in different countries but somehow Belize doesn’t let us go 🙂

We, Herbert & Simone, live on the same property (Simberts Apartments). We love diving, dining out and a cold beer on our dock overlooking the beautiful canal just steps away from the Placencia lagoon.

We are easy going people, well educated and love to discuss various topics. Herbert’s background is marine biology and Simone’s is business management. After our careers in Austria we decided that the corporate world is not everything life has to offer and we decided to move to Australia where we worked as diving instructors. After about 2 years we moved to Belize and opened an Austrian Restaurant ” The Danube” which we had been operating for 5 years. What made us move to Belize? Belize is English speaking, tropical, pretty safe, foreigners can own property and the immigration process is straight forward.

Again changing careers (not that it gets too boring) we bought this beautiful property in 2013 in the heart of Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula.

Early 2014 we started to build two self-contained apartments. We chose the name “Agouti” for the first apartment because these animals, locally called “Bush Rabbit” frequent the garden usually in the afternoon. The name “Dundee” comes from a little, local crocodile in our canal which was named “Dundee” by Herbert’s daughter Alina. There is so much to tell about us and the beautiful country of Belize – join us and get inspired too.

We also manage multiple other properties in the Maya Beach area which you can find here.

We want to share our little peace of haven with you!

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